The Rookery

The Rookery is a small, independently run pub on the Southside of Clapham Common. Boasting a decent size beer garden out the front and a warm, cozy, inviting interior, The Rookery looked like the perfect venue for a rainy Sunday afternoon roast dinner.

We had olives to start, two mains and with a bottle of wine to share, the bill with service came to £61.


I decided to ordered something hearty and warming as it was a dark and stormy afternoon, which took the form of belly pork with a selection of winter vegetables, gravy and apple sauce.

It didn’t take long to arrive which was good and I was immediately excited when I saw the size of the portion of meat. It was a large chunk of pork by anyone’s standards with clear visible layers of rendered fat running throughout.

My excitement soon turned to disappointment as there was no apple sauce on the plate (we asked for some afterwards) and the crackling was not crispy at all, in fact it was just about inedible, far too thick and chewy.

The gravy and roast potatoes were very good and actually the highlight of the dish but overall too little to make it a success.


So I am just going to come and say it. This review gets a 2. I was left really unimpressed, which is a shame, because I thought it was going to be epic.

To start with, the service sucked. We had a table of four and it was pretty obvious we were waiting for another person, but somehow we got asked 4 times if we wanted to order before she arrived.

It’s pretty standard for there to be only one vegetarian option when you head out for a Sunday lunch, but I was more than happy with The Rookery’s offering of truffle mac and cheese with Jerusalem artichokes, spinach and mushrooms.

The mac and cheese looked the part when it came out, served in a rustic, cast iron dish with a salad garnish. Artichokes are one of my favourites, so as soon as I was served I started mining. There wasn’t one artichoke in the whole dish. The macaroni didn’t have very much sauce, so it was quite dry. It also needed salt because it lacked flavour.

All in all, really disappointing, especially considering how excited I was before it came out.

Oh, I almost forgot… We had some nocerella olives to start, they were good.

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