Pizza Pilgrims

Simple. Traditional. Napoli Street Food. Pizza Pilgrims have been classed with the elite in London when it comes to pizza. So we had to check it out!

We ate in their pop up at Swingers Crazy Golf in Shoreditch – Two pizzas came to £18.



I ordered one of their simple pizza’s which included cheese, tomato sauce and spicy sausage as toppings. It took around 5 minutes to be cooked, we were instructed to collect our pizza’s from the cooking station.

They were served on a piece of paper which did give it a definite street food vibe and they looked and smelt delicious.

The pizza was very hot and we both had to wait a few minutes to let them cool down, the base was thin and crispy around the edges which is just how I like it. The spicy sausage was VERY spicy, almost too spicy but in fact it just had the right balance to make the pizza very flavorsome.

The set up at Swingers involves your pizza being cooked in a wood fire oven the back of a van which is quite cool. Super speedy service meant we had our pizzas, served on brown paper bags, in under 5 mins.

Piping hot and smothered in cheese, just the way I like a margarita! The sauce was tasty, I just wish I has a bit more of it. The sour dough base was just the right combination of chewy and crisp and the pizza was finished off with a few basil leaves.

Perfect combination with a couple of beers before we played a round of the world’s most competitive crazy golf!

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