Olive n’ Meze


Olive n’ Meze is a local Mediterranean restaurant that has recently opened up on Clapham High Street. We have walked past a few times and thought we must try it out, so on Sunday night we did just that. During the day it can be quite quiet, but don’t let that put you off, it’s well worth checking out!

Two starters and two mains with a large bottle of sparkling water set us back £32.


For starters I had stuffed vine leaves with minced lamb, tomatoes and rice. Four of them arrived on our table and looked great,they were soft inside and very well seasoned, it was a shame there wasn’t more of them.

For mains I had falafel, rice and hummus; sounded simple but the presentation was very attractive and the falafel was actually the best I’ve ever tasted. Admittedly I’ve not had much in the way of variety of falafel in the past but these tasted delicious and was complemented by some fine tasting humus and rice. Overall a very nice meal and I would definitely return to try some of their more adventurous meat dishes.


I was having trouble deciding what to order, as there is a decent amount of vegetarian to choose from!

I ended up having the garlic mushrooms to start. Button mushrooms in a creamy, garlic and white wine sauce, served with toasted Turkish bread, cooked to perfection.

I then had the ​helloumi skewers served with courgettes, peppers and cherry tomato​ for my main. Served with a salad and really tatsy cous cous, the skewers complimented the starter nicely. The haloumi (or helloumi as they have spelled it on the menu) was cooked well and the vegetables were gently charred. Both mains came with a hot chilli and cool creamy Tatziki style sauce which I really enjoyed.

Definitely worth checking out if you are out and about in Clapham. Easily in the top 10 restaurants of the Clapham Common area in my opinion and really reasonably priced. Also, make sure you order starters so you get to try some of the delicious Turkish bread!

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