So here’s the deal. Grab a plate, load it up, get it weighed and hold your breath to see how much it’s going to cost. Ethos is a vegan & vegetarian canteen-esque restaurant just off Oxford Street. With stunning décor, the eating area is lined with trees whilst the serving area is a bright white backdrop for all the colourful salads and hot dishes.

We went as a group of five and the average plate cost around £14. This is the first post with a guest blogstar! My colleague Demi will be handling the sausages on this one!





A carnivore walks into a 100% vegetarian and vegan restaurant, presented with plinths of pulses, grains and vegetable filled sauces. No meat! The interior organic as well, with trees protruding from the floor, filling the room with leafless braches. A pleasant environment.

After waiting a while we were seated, advised of the process and were free to select. An all you can eat buffet, but not like the ones people are used to, this is a health filled all you can eat buffet. Maybe more places like this should be around.

As a meat eater who appreciates and would often choose a vegetarian option in a restaurant over a meaty dish, this place offered a lot. As I walked around the areas, reading the informative signs and choosing from the large selection of different dishes, the fact that none of the dishes didn’t have meat in was not an issue, there was plenty to choose from. Being tempted by the delicious selection on offer it was hard not to want to pile the plate full of wonderful looking foods, but instead being hesitant as your final plate full of food would be weighed and charged accordingly.

I chose a beetroot based juice to accompany lunch; it was a wise choice as this was also enjoyable and was a good match to the food that filled my plate. A particular favourite was the Japanese spiced aubergine. I wish I’d picked up two.

Overall the whole experience was pleasant, the food was fantastic and I’d definitely recommend it to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian friends. I also grabbed a take away coffee, which came in lovely packaging and helped fuel the remainder of the afternoon after a satisfying lunch.

We were welcomed by friendly staff and they were more than accommodating of the 5 of us walk ins. As I mentioned above its self-service, so naturally I attempted to get close to every dish on my plate!

I had read that one of the signature vegan dishes was the ribs with homemade bbq sauce so I made sure those and the vegan mushroom stroganoff made the plate, as well as the chilli sin carne and fajita rice from the hot selection.

Unfortunately the ribs were the most disappointing of all the dishes with all five of us ending up in a discussion about how they tasted like old leather boots. I wonder if we had had some fresh ones would they have tasted better? They were also drowned in the bbq sauce and look nothing like the ones on the website… The mushroom stroganoff was really tasty, right up my alley, but again it wasn’t overly warm, and I like my hot food… hot. The chilli was hot and worked well with the fajita rice.

The salad bar included vegan guacamole and hummus, two of my diet staples so I made a beeline, and was not disappointed. The salads were all knock out including the Israeli basil cous cous, potato salad, coleslaw and my favourite the avocado and mango with berries. The vine leaves are also worth mentioning, they were amazing, fresh and zingy like they should be!

All in all a good vegetarian option for a mid-week lunch out of the office!

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