How came to fruition…
In order to understand how began I shall have to go back circa May 2014. It was about that time when I met my match. First date, one expensive beer, some rum for good measure and we hit it off. Call it the summer of love when I met my blogstar (yes he is a blogger, another reason this all came about!) boyfriend. Now I realise that this is starting to sound more like a love story than a love-of-food story, but hear me out….
So I’ve met my partner in crime and although we find the same childish jokes funny, there are always going to be a few things that, well, make us different, unique, call it what you will… For example, he’s English, I’m Australian. He likes watching football and shouting at the TV, me not so much. Ironically, he works in fashion, I work in construction. And the kicker (or perhaps killer) I hear you ask? He EATS MEAT. I do not.
The problem with this little situation is what we most enjoy together is… eating nice food (and maybe drinking a little bit of nice wine). We like pretending we are rich and going to fancy restaurants for dinner, or making a day of going and enjoying lunch a little further afield, even if it means a tube, train and 5 mile bike ride to get there. We make a point of visiting the new little brunch bar that has opened up down the road, or hiking across London to see if it truly is worthy of ‘the best pizza in town’ strap line.
In saying that, we walk out of so many of the places we visit with such conflicting views of what the food was like, based on the meat and (for the most part) 1 veg option. So this blog is for all of you omnivorous couples/friends/families that would like a review from both sides of the table.
Thanks for visiting!
Meat & 1Veg x